How to Find the Best Retirement Home for a Loved One

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How to Find the Best Retirement Home for a Loved One
As we get older, we may not be able to take care of ourselves like we used to. If you have an older parent or grandparent who is showing signs of physical or mental decline, it may be a good idea to look into retirement homes that may be able to meet their needs. How do you know that a particular home is a good fit for your parent or grandparent?

How Independent Is Your Loved One?

There are retirement facilities that offer basic services such as rides to doctors appointments or nursing aides who will make sure that medication is taken on time. However, the residents are otherwise free to cook their own meals, do their own shopping and leave their apartment as they please. If your loved one just needs a little help here and there, an independent living facility may be in their best interests.

Are There Group Activities to Take Part In?

The key to a happy life is to stay connected with others in the community. Therefore, the best retirement homes Ottawa are the ones in which residents have people to talk to, play games with or go on trips with. If they cannot leave the home because of their physical or mental condition, make sure that people will come to them to keep their spirits up.

What Type of Feedback Are You Getting About a Particular Place?

It is not a secret that retirement homes can be rife with abuse. While most care providers have stringent rules in place, you want to make sure that your loved one is safe and cared for properly at all times. You may want to take a tour of any facility that your loved one may want to live in or ask questions about its track record. You may also want to go online to get honest testimonials from others who have experience with a given home.

Is the Retirement Home Affordable?

While retirement homes are relatively expensive, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t programs available to help you afford the cost. In many cases, retirement homes will take Medicaid or social security checks as payment for services rendered. Long-term care insurance policies may also help to cover the cost of living in a retirement home. As with most other for-profit entities, cash, checks and credit cards may also be acceptable forms of payment.

Everyone deserves to live the end of their lives in a dignified manner. If you know someone who needs specialized care or just someone to check in on them from time to time, an independent living facility or traditional retirement home may be able to offer services that you can’t necessarily provide on your own.

How to Pick Retirement Homes

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How to Pick Retirement Homes
The whole purpose of retirement homes is to provide a gorgeous place for people to move to when they are finished working for most of their lives. The people who move to such retirement homes want to be able to relax and enjoy being treated like royalty. The following are five of the most common qualities that one should look for in retirement homes:


A Retirement Homes Ottawa has to be affordable or else the person will experience a great deal of stress even if it is a wonderful place. The prospective renter or buyer must ensure that the property fits the bill. The person must sort out the finances before even attempting to take on a property. If the individual is on a fixed budget, then he or she should ensure that there is enough money left over each month after paying the rent.


A retirement home should have enough amenities to please the prospect and ensure that the residents get enough rest. Examples of some good amenities are options such as the swimming pool, fitness center, spa and restaurants. all of those items make the stay enjoyable for the people.

Personable Staff

Friendliness and customer service efforts are important no matter where a person goes. Senior citizens are no different. They like to be treated with respect in their retirement home communities. Therefore, the office personnel and other people who do work on the property should have specialized training in people skills.


Maintenance is another area to investigate before moving into a retirement home. If something goes wrong, tenants should be able to feel confident that they will not have to wait for hours or days to get it repaired. Problems such as clogged toilets, electrical issues and stove mishaps should be handled in a timely fashion so that the residents can go on with their days. Furthermore, a maintenance crew should be available that can assist with landscaping and grass cutting so that the area in front of the home is always gorgeous.


Having up-to-date security is a must at any retirement home property. Citizens need to know that they will be safe enough to have a good night’s sleep every night and leave the premises whenever they so desire. The property should have some surveillance cameras, advanced lock technology, security guards or all three. Security should play a big role in the decision of whether to move to the premises or not.

An interested person can use the above-stated criteria to decide whether or not to purchase a retirement property. Choosing the best property first ensures that the person will live a long and happy life at the chosen location.

3 Tips for Convincing Your Parent to Move Into a Retirement Home

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3 Tips for Convincing Your Parent to Move Into a Retirement Home
If you are starting to think that your elderly parent would be better off in a retirement home versus living at home, you might be worried about how he or she is going to take the news. After all, your mom or dad might not be very excited about the prospect of moving out of his or her home and potentially losing some of his or her independence. However, luckily, there are a few things that you can do to make it easier for you to convince your mom or dad to make the move.

1. Choose the Right Retirement Home

Choosing the right retirement homes kingston is an important step if you want your loved one to be happy about moving. Try to consider your loved one’s interests and desires when choosing a home. If your loved one loves doing art, for example, you may want to look for a community that offers art classes. If your loved one enjoys being able to get out and go shopping, you may want to look for one that has a shuttle and that makes it easy for residents to get out and about.

2. Get Back-Up from Others

Convincing your mom or dad to make such a major move might be difficult on your own. If you have other trusted family members and friends on your side, however, it might be easier for you to get your mom or dad on board. Try to get as much back-up as you can, and consider gathering as a group to talk to your mom or dad about this option. You may also want to talk to your mom or dad’s doctor or other healthcare providers; they may also make a suggestion for your loved one to make a move, too, and your mom or dad might be more willing to follow a suggestion that has come from a health care professional.

3. Provide Examples

Simply telling your mom or dad that you think he or she should move to a retirement community or assisted living facility might not be enough. If you can provide examples of why you think this is a good idea, such as by mentioning accidents that your loved one might have had, then you may be able to get your mom or dad on board.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think to convince your loved one to move to a retirement community. Even though you might not be able to get your loved one to agree right away, following these tips can make the process easier on everyone who is involved. Then, you may be able to talk your loved one into moving into a safe community for his or her retirement.

Trends in Retirement Homes in Canada

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Trends in Retirement Homes in Canada

Retirement homes in Canada have seen some major changes in recent years. Overall, these trends focus of making the living experience of individuals in retirement homes more enjoyable.

Larger and Private Living Spaces

Historically, a high percentage of living spaces in retirement homes kingston were shared between two residents. A structure involving two residents living in a common space was the norm.

In recent times, a definite trend away from shared living space took root in Canada. New retirement homes and retirement communities are no longer being constructed to include shared living space. In addition, a growing number of established facilities are being renovated in a matter to do away with shared living spaces all together.

In addition to the trend toward private living spaces, Canadian retirement homes have also seen a general expansion in the size of the living space itself. New construction now typically includes larger units for residence.

The specific trend is a movement away from the one room or studio concept within a retirement community in favor of something more akin to a one bedroom apartment. As is the case with the private units at retirement communities, there is also consistent renovations being made at existing facilities to expand the size of smaller spaces.

Planned Programming

Another major trend associated with retirement homes in Canada is the increase in the nature and extent of organized, planned programming at these communities. By this it is meant that there is an ever increasing number of organized events and activities at retirement communities.

A particular focus at Canadian retirement communities at this juncture in the 21st century is the implementation of planned programming that focuses on brain games and associated activities. These programs are designed to assist residents in staving of the impact of memory deterioration. These programs tend to include group activities as well as planned ones specifically geared to the needs of a particular individual resident.

Diet Trends

Retirement communities are also becoming more focused on the dietary needs of residents. Not only does the focus involve ensuring healthy dietary schemes for residents but menus that truly meet that personal tastes of individual residents. This includes the availability of vegetarian selections, and even vegan choices in some locations.

In addition to expanded menus, some retirement communities are also making a concerted effort to involve residents in meal planning. In some cases, residents also become involved in different aspects of meal preparation as well.

The Signs Of A Great Retirement Home

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The Signs Of A Great Retirement Home

The task of choosing the right retirement home for a loved one is an important one that many families must face. A number of different factors come into play, such as medical condition of the elder, mental function and the need to interact socially with others. The number of options can be confusing, but a few signs can indicate a facility has the features that can make it a great place for your loved one’s care.

A Responsive Staff
One of the most important features retirement homes kingston offer are their staff members. These individuals are the eyes and ears of the facility’s directors and family. A retirement home staff that understands the importance of their work, with a positive attitude and cheerful manner, will ensure your loved one is properly cared for and appropriately monitored for problems that might arise.

Careful Attendance to Resident Safety
Safety is an important consideration for older people. Many of them have medical conditions that cause problems with balance or mobility. They must be watched carefully to prevent falls and provided with the proper equipment to help them manage in daily life. In addition, some elders may have cognitive problems that cause them to wander away from the facility. Quality retirement homes have an effective security system that not only allows them to monitors who comes and goes from the facility, but also ensures that residents do not leave without being noticed.

Activities To Engage Body and Mind
High quality retirement homes offer a variety of activities throughout the month to engage residents both physically and mentally. They may offer music, art or craft classes, book discussions, speakers on different topics or trips to dining, shopping and entertainment venues. These activities help to keep elders healthy and engaged in life.

Availability of Medical Services
Many elders have ongoing medical needs that require careful attention in order to keep them healthy and functioning well. Facilities should have a nurse that is on-duty 24/7, some method of call-button in each resident’s room and an established protocol for managing medical emergencies. The facility should also have a physician that comes to treat residents or a method for transporting the elders to their own physicians. A carefully designed program to ensure residents receive their daily medication should be in place and monitored for errors on a regular basis.

A careful look at these factors, along with a general feeling of positive attitude and interest in the residents’ welfare, can be a strong indicator that these retirement homes will provide the right care for your family member.